WAIVER was founded in 1989, initially acting in the area of ​​customs management and consulting and has become, over the years, a national benchmark in excellence in the operation of logistics projects involving special import and export regimes.

Since its foundation, the company has been standing out as an international freight forwarder specializing in offering differentiated logistics solutions as well as its ability to understand and interact with the most complex customs regimes in other countries.

WAIVER is present in the main Latin American countries with its own structure and dedicated partners that work with the same DNA of WAIVER Group: transform the customer’s need into differentiated logistics solutions for international events.

WAIVER Group believes in the importance of investing in its professionals as well as in the strong qualification of a multidisciplinary team, formed by more than 170 employees in the countries where it operates.

“No matter where, we deliver.” This has been the company’s motto since its foundation.


WAIVER invests in the qualification of its multidisciplinary teams, information technology to manage door-to-door logistics projects with transparency, quality and attention and is engaged with the best international customs and logistics practices.


WAIVER was the first company in Brazil to devote 100% to international logistics projects for major events, which, over the last three decades, has positioned it as a reference in Latin America in project management involving special customs regimes: different types of logistics planning and strategies to meet deadlines according to the demand of each client.


“The special customs regimes of Temporary Admission (Temporary Import) or Temporary Exportation are customs procedures that allow entry (or exit in the case of temporary export) in the country of certain types of cargo with a purpose and for a certain period of time, with the total or partial suspension of the payment of customs duties on their import, with the commitment to be re-exported once the purpose in question has been fulfilled.

In Brazil, this regime is regulated by the Federal Revenue Regulation N°. 1.600/2015 and complementary legislation that deals with specific situations and aims to facilitate the temporary entry into the country of: goods destined to the accomplishment / participation in events of a cultural, artistic, scientific nature, commercial and sporting, for assistance and rescue, for packaging and transportation of other goods and for testing and testing, with the total suspension of taxes.”

WAIVER specialized in door-to-door logistics project management that involves the use of special customs regimes in Brazil and expanded borders to meet a growing volume of demands for events such as international tours, fairs and congresses and sporting events: Argentina , Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico, where the company has its own headquarters.


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