Get to Know the Main Topics about Concerts Logistics

When you’re at a show, do you usually imagine how all the equipment came to the venue?! Many of us just go, admire the infrastructure and end up forgetting that a lot of people donated their last drop of sweat to deliver all the loads sharp on time! All this door-to-door international logistics process is managed by the artist production team who hires experts in concerts logistics to handle the temporary export at origin and temporary import at destinations. From the dispatch of the equipment from the country of origin to the delivery of this material on the stage of the show. Incredible, isn´t it?

Keeping that in mind, we have separated a few points regarding concerts logistics, so that you learn a bit about the truth behind the scenes. Follow WAIVER on this content:

Country of Origin

The logistics begin in the country of origin of the band or the singer who will perform the show, in the case of music festivals, there may be interactions from staffs from various countries with the destination staff to make it happen. From scenic material, lighting and audio systems, stage lasers, metallic infrastructures, overlay material, led panels or video wall panels, displays, broadcast equipment and musical instruments. The volume of this material varies according to the size and type of tour and shows and artists!


The cargo can be shipped by air, ocean or road, and it depends on the type of material and which location in the world the cargo is coming from. The first step is checking all the itineraries and the feasibility of the routes and create a timeline planning in order to anticipate any type of problem that may happen on the way.

The artist production team is responsible for packing the equipment safely to preserve the crates contents to minimize the failure risks. Delays concerns are always there. A small delay at the origin or at destination can jeopardize all the designed planning and end up with the delay on stage assemblying with the shipped equipment.


When a show is performed in a concert hall, the assembly is simpler, since the place already comes equipped. Only stage scenography, lighting and musical equipment of the band are expected for the show assembly. For outdoors events such as music festivals, the domestic logistics is a little more complicated to be carried out.

It is necessary to think of all the details of the event like bathrooms, stages, stands, cabins, security barriers, transmission and broadcast equipment, among others. Logistics work only ends when all equipment is delivered in the country of origin, intact and safely. There is a lot of ´thinking ahead´ before the goods delivery can be performed.

WAIVER takes care of the international logistics of Rock in Rio Concert with the designers of the event since 1991. The partnership started 25 years ago and today the company counts some hundreds of import and export processes carried out for editions of Rock in Rio in Brazil, Spain and the United States.

WAIVER was founded in 1989, initially working in the area of ​​customs management and consulting and has become, over the years, a national benchmark in excellence in the operation of logistic projects involving special import and export regimes. WAIVER is present in the main Latin American countries with its own structure and dedicated partners that work with the same DNA of the WAIVER Group: transform the customer’s need into differentiated logistics solutions for international events. Working with large festivals like Rock in Rio, our motto is: “No matter where, we deliver.”



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