A bit about Fine Arts Logistics

When a gallerist, museum specialist, private collector or an artist plans to participate of an exhibition overseas, it is essential to consider logistics as part of the project planning. Special packing – normally taylor made ones – domestic and international transportation, transit time, specific export certifications, transport insurance, specific customs regulations at the country of origin and at destination…

How to prepare a shipment of a cultural good, of a high valued exhibit, a master piece, sculptures, installations, mock-ups, printed material related to the event…. Every type of item deserves a special attention and planning. Good news is that it is possible to count on the assistance of highly specialized companies on such type of logistics planning. Companies that offer global solutions including air, sea and road transport and customs assistance so that everything happens on the client’s time and that have teams 100% focused on fine arts logistics solutions.
Those types of companies are capable to manage a set of tasks that involves global freight forwarders, customs procedures in the countries of origin and at the destination, regulatory authorities, international transport and a tremendous logistical planning to make everything happen on time.
Cargoes destined to international events are known in the international logistics market as ‘perishable cargo’ or ‘critical time load’, because if the cargo gets delivered after the start of the event, the delivery of the same becomes unnecessary and in some cases the event can even suffer great losses due to the absence of certain material brought from abroad with a specific strategic purpose of the event producer, exhibitor or sponsor.
It is worth mentioning that there are specific customs legislation in Latin American countries that regulate each type of import or export according the type of event: for art works, concerts, fairs and congresses, sporting events and these legislations encompass other customs legislation specific to each Item to be imported or to be exported. The use of international courier services does not comprehend temporary importation of exhibits destined to events and should therefore be avoided. Planning is essential. Ideally, when signing up attendance contract, exhibitor should begin his planning on his shipping needs.
WAIVER ARTS is fully dedicated to international logistics of fine arts and cultural goods and is a member of a specialized international logistics network for fine arts.
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