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WAIVER EXPO team assists event producers, congress organizers and trade shows, corporate events and exhibitors to plan their logistics projects: private demonstrations, fairs and congresses, road shows, product launches and a global network of specialized agents. WAIVER has been a member of IELA since 2007 – International Exhibition Logistics Associates, a global network of companies specializing in international logistics for events.


Como fazer um planejamento logístico

How to Make a Good Logistics Plan

Everyone knows about the importance of doing logistics planning, right?! After all, logistics is fundamental for the good functioning of the company, so it is vital to have total organization so that internal and external processes work properly.


obstáculos que a logística encontra no Brasil

What are the Main Obstacles that Logistics Face in Brazil?

Historically, the logistics sector has suffered from a concentration of 60% of its activities on roads, and they have some type of deficiency in 73.9% of them (2017). Logistics faces several problems in Brazil, and the deficient ring road structure is the most aggravating problem in the industry. Check out the biggest difficulties encountered by […]


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