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WAIVER was founded in 1989, initially acting in the area of customs management and consulting and has become, over the years, a national benchmark in excellence in the operation of logistic projects involving special import and export regimes.
Why Planning your Exhibition Logistics to Brazil

Works of Art and Cultural Goods

Planning an international art exhibition abroad is a complex task. We help specialized international freight forwarders, galleries, museums, artists, collectors, event sponsors…

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Shows and Entertainment

Theater, concerts, musical concerts, cultural exhibitions, etc. Producers of live shows and events can count on our support to help them in the planning and logistic project …

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Sports event

International delegations and sports federations, sponsors, automotive sports, producers of sporting events can count on the logistic support of the WAIVER Group for services …

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Why Planning your Exhibition Logistics to Brazil

Fairs and Corporate Events

The WAIVER EXPO team assists event producers, congress and fair organizers, corporate events and exhibitors companies to plan their logistic projects: private demonstrations…

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Temporary Import and Export

WAIVER Group provides international air transport services for projects in which we operate a team specializing in the hiring, negotiation and monitoring of international shipments…

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Embalagem para Cargas de Eventos

Importance of Packaging for Event Loads

The logistics process has became more sophisticated over the years and so has the packing. With the increase in technology, packaging has also evolved from mere cardboard boxes to devices endowed with technology, all to further facilitate the logistics universe. If quality of the packaging is already important for the safe transport of conventional loads, […]


Como fazer um planejamento logístico

How to Make a Good Logistics Plan

Everyone knows about the importance of doing logistics planning, right?! After all, logistics is fundamental for the good functioning of the company, so it is vital to have total organization so that internal and external processes work properly.


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