ferias y eventos corporativos

El equipo de la WAIVER EXPO asiste a productores de eventos, organizadores de congresos y eventos comerciales, eventos corporativos y exhibidores para planificar sus proyectos logísticos: demostraciones privadas, ferias y congresos, roadshows, lanzamiento de productos y una red global de agentes especializados. WAIVER es miembro de IELA desde 2007 – International Exhibition Logistics Associates, una red global de compañías especializadas en logística internacional para eventos.


Why planning your Logistics for an international event in Brazil?

Brazil stands as the largest market for international congresses in Latin America. A special highlight to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which receive from traditional fairs to international congresses that bring audiences from all over the world. In addition to thousands of tourists, the large congresses and exhibitions bring to Brazil many tons of […]


A bit about Fine Arts Logistics

When a gallerist, museum specialist, private collector or an artist plans to participate of an exhibition overseas, it is essential to consider logistics as part of the project planning. Special packing – normally taylor made ones – domestic and international transportation, transit time, specific export certifications, transport insurance, specific customs regulations at the country of […]


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